About Us

"BEST BY FAR" Estate Sales is a family business, owned and operated by Jan and Marv Barishman. We carry on our tradition of honesty, integrity and professionalism that have been the cornerstone of all our business dealings. We reside in Hinsdale, and service the Western Chicago Suburbs in addition to surrounding areas. Our roots are in the Western suburbs and we have a tremendous following in this area. Our PROFESSIONAL Estate Sale signage guides customers to our sales and will be guiding them to yours.

Marv and I started our careers in this field as antique dealers. We owned a full service antique store for 15 years.  We successfully closed and liquidated our own antique store, so we understand how difficult it can be to sell the items that have been accumulated over a long period of time. We creatively developed a sale that would liquidate the entire contents of our store. We put that same individual effort into every sale that we run. With our combined experience we believe that we are uniquely qualified to bring you all the expertise that we have developed in valuing, merchandising, and selling many items, both old and new.

Our customers are always telling us that we have the “friendliest, most helpful” staff—and I believe we do. We know that you have lots of choices in the Chicago area. I think the competition keeps us all on our toes. As you read all the websites, the barrage of information can be confusing—we all start to sound the same. My suggestion is to ask a lot of questions—.In the end you should select someone to run your sale that you feel comfortable with and whom you trust.

I would like to be that person—

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