How should I prepare for having a sale in my home?

We find the most successful sales have a good mix of items—furniture, linens, collectibles, clothing, garage and basement items, cleaning supplies, etc. The reason they are successful is that we have a variety of items to advertise and there is “something for everyone”.

The family always comes first, but there is always the question of what to do with the furniture, antiques, jewelry, paintings, garden tools, appliances, rugs, sporting goods, bicycles and cars…..not to mention the clothing, linens, glassware, pots and pans, as well as the thousands of other everyday items.

The only thing you need to do is decide what items you will be keeping and remove those items from the house if possible. After you have made your decision you don’t need to do anything else. Our service includes emptying boxes, closets, drawers, etc. DO NOT THROW OUT OR GIVE ANYTHING AWAY.

What happens during the sale?

Due to the number of customers who attend each of our sales, we issue numbers prior to the actual sale. We allow 15-20 customers in at a time to insure an orderly and secure sale. We have one staff member dedicated to the front door. He/She controls how many customers come in and checks receipts for all customers leaving with large purchases. Other staff members are posted throughout the home assisting customers with their purchases. Our cashier keeps track of the items sold, wraps and bags items and handles all credit card transactions.

What forms of payment to you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards with proper ID. 

What do you charge?

Our fee is based on a percentage of the receipts. Since every sale is different and we accept different levels of sales, this percentage is determined at the initial FREE consultation. We encourage everyone considering a sale to take advantage of this consultation. It will give you some guidance and at the same time be very educational.

My estate is Very Large (or Very Small). Can you Help me?

We conduct all levels of estate sales. We have a terrific, experienced crew that is able to help with unique requirements. In addition, we have other options if you don’t have enough for a sale or are not able to hold a public sale because you are in a building or condominium that does not permit public sales.

How do you price the sale items?

We know from experience that there is no substitute for realistic pricing. Prices overall must be high enough to maximize return…and low enough to sell. Many years of experience and knowledge go into the identification and pricing of items for an estate sale. Current market trends, internet sales and ebay prices are all factors in arriving at an appropriate price for an item. Estate sale companies need to be able to recognize antiques and collectibles, upscale furniture and household items, couture clothing and accessories. They need to know what value these items have on the current secondary market. In addition to these higher end items, it is very important to recognize the potential $ in ordinary household things.

How do I know what sold and for how much?

We write receipts at our sales and provide a detailed accounting. We provide you with a list of every item sold for $15 or more.

Can I be present during the Sale?

We never tell a client that they cannot be present at a sale. This is your home after all. Although there is no need for you to be present and most clients choose not to be there during the sale, we have also had some clients present during the sale. Some pop in just to see how things are going and a few have stayed for the entire sale. That being said, if you are emotionally attached and if it would be difficult for you to watch items being sold, then it would be better not to be present during the actual sale.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We are licensed in the State of Illinois, have been Bonded and are Insured.

When is a good time to have an estate sale?

Our customers attend estate sales ALL year, so any month is a great time for a sale. Sales are usually held on Friday and Saturday, but we can extend the days depending on the size of the sale. Please keep in mind that winter sales are also VERY successful, as there are fewer sales and customers like to shop year round! In fact our sales in January and February are extremely well attended. When scheduling a sale you do want to avoid Holiday Weekends and just before Christmas.

Why is it important to price virtually every item?

Pricing every item in the sale takes time, but it VERY important. Picture yourself as a customer at a sale. Would you like it if every item you picked up had no price? Would you be willing to put items in a basket, wait to find out how much they cost and then decide at checkout whether you want them or n